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The Apprenticeship Programmes we run are led by the Welsh Government and supported by the European Social Fund.

Care Training & Recruitment Provider.

We help healthcare organisations recruit and up-skill their workforce. We also support jobseekers and healthcare workers to enter and progress within the industry.

Sign up existing members of staff to any of our Apprenticeship programmes and benefit from increased performance, a happier workforce and reduced HR costs. All of which are key factors in business growth in a demanding industry.

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Are you looking for more from your career? Would you like to progress in your career and learn new skills? Read more about how an apprenticeship can help you get the career you deserve – higher salary, increased responsibilities and job security.

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Job Seekers

Healthcare is a truly rewarding sector with many opportunities to enter and progress. If you’re interested in a job within healthcare, use our contact form to join our email list and receive a list of interesting jobs within the industry. We work with many of the biggest and best names across Wales.

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Reduced HR Costs

Improve employee hiring and on-boarding to significantly reduce your HR costs. Build a group of employees that share in your vision and fit into your company culture.

Build a Happier Workforce

Offer support and mentoring to employees and build positive relationships. Closer relationships lead to a happier and more productive workforce. Happier employees have more energy and provide a better service to your users.

Increase Staff Performance

Make work meaningful and give recognition to all employees to dramatically increase staff performance. Foster a culture of positivity, responsibility and equality to get the best from your employees.

For Employers.

Encourage Career Progression

Provide opportunities for increased responsibility and career development. Give employees a platform to excel and grow. Reward employees who are driven and committed to your cause.

Exceed Industry Expectations

Go beyond the mandatory requirements and train your staff to a standard that surpasses every expectation within health care. Build a workforce that demands and delivers excellence.

Attract Potential Employees

Create and demonstrate a great employee culture within your business. Show potential employees that they will be a valued member and become part of your family.

We’re Trusted By The very best Healthcare Providers.

We work with over 30 healthcare providers across South Wales, providing training and assessment in over 200 locations.
We’ve helped over 2000 people develop their career with a qualification specific to their employment.

For Learners.

We provide Apprenticeship and training programmes in a number of areas within healthcare. Our courses can open up opportunities to hundreds of job roles throughout the sector, from Childcare Assistant to Physiotherapist.

Health & Social Care Level 2

The HSC Level 2 qualification assesses and develops the knowledge and skills of individuals employed in a wide range of health and social care roles, within supervised settings.

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Health & Social Care Level 3

HSC Level 3 is targeted at individuals employed in supervisory roles within healthcare. It is a great qualification for Senior Carers and Senior Domiciliary Workers, as well as many others, to develop their knowledge and skills.

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Health & Social Care Level 5

Apart from the fact HSC Level 5 offers several qualification routes, our experience has shown it is best to discuss each application on an individual basis. To find out more about this route way and to apply, please contact us.

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Start an Apprenticeship in Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK. With many job opportunities and a low barrier to entry, healthcare is proving to be an excellent career choice. Last year, over 130,000 people signed up for an apprenticeship in healthcare.

Contact us, to apply today, and we’ll help you kick start your career in care, regardless of whether or not you are currently employed within the sector. From discussing your job role and further progression to finding you a position, we’re here to help.

My apprenticeship literally changed my life. Going from unemployed and low on confidence to a Service Leader, with so much more confidence, would not have been possible without it. I would recommend becoming an apprentice to anyone.- Vicki Hill, Cardiff & Vale College Apprenticeship of the Year
CCW give you the confidence to complete your work and become better at your job. I cannot thank them enough. For anyone thinking of starting an apprenticeship...go for it!- Sarah Davies, Health & Social Care Apprentice

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